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Canadian Cinematographer is published by the CSC and is an embodiment of the Society’s philosophy to foster and promote the art of cinematography.  The magazine does so by championing the successes and initiatives of the CSC membership through the production of informative articles that are pertinent to cinematographers and to the film community at large.

Joan Hutton csc, EIC
November 5, 2019

CSC Magazine

From the Editor – December 2020 Issue

With the holidays at our doorstep, the season to be jolly is feeling a tad tarnished these days. Health officials and even our

own Prime Minister are warning that COVID-19 could be the Grinch that steals Christmas. It seems lockdowns and limited gatherings will be the order of the day for many of us. It’s rather difficult to find the good in all of this, but I’m a firm believer in the human spirit and its habit of prevailing when the chips are down.

While the holidays may not be as we want them, people will adapt because that’s our nature. Celebrations with family and friends may be smaller and simpler, but they can still easily overflow with an abundance of joy and happiness. And if being together is not possible, then there’s always technology to the rescue.

I would imagine most everyone knows about Zoom, the video streaming app that began as a business communications tool for conference meetings. Because of the pandemic, it has also become a powerful social tool allowing families and friends to gather from anywhere in the world to chat and even have parties safely via the Internet. Heck, even the CSC has hosted a couple virtual pub nights through Zoom. I can attest that they were much fun. Nothing would please me more than to learn that Zoom had its busiest month ever this December because of all festive socializing on their app.

Holiday cheer is irresistible and can be easily stoked by the simplest gesture. I remember when my street was candy cane bombed. I found one of those red and white stripped confections underneath the windshield wiper of my car one frosty morning. Attached to the cane was a tag with a beautifully scripted message: “Merry Christmas, Neighbour.” As I looked up and down the street, every car had a tagged cane beneath their wiper. I never did find out who was behind the cane caper, but to this day it still brings a warm cheerful smile to my face as it did that chilly day. COVID-19 may be our unwanted companion this holiday, but it need not be our master. We will prevail and there will be a happy ending to this story as there is in the Dr. Suess tale How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

I want to wish everyone a safe, happy holiday season and a terrific 2021.

Joan Hutton csc

Editor in Chief

CORRECTION: The October Editor-in-Chief column incorrectly stated that the CSC’s self-identify survey can be found on the CSC website. The survey is in fact being emailed to our membership.


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