Entry Processes for Cinematographer Categories A

Link to Entry Form for these Categories

The entry form provides the detailed Rules and Regulations.

Please download entry form to your computer before entering your information.

Submission of Media

Each entry's media for these categories must be provided as a digital file on a separate external hard drive (or thumb drive).

Theatrical Feature entries will be viewed by juries on a large screen in a professional screening facility. Since the jury will be convened in a single location, we request that each entry in this category be submitted as a secure "DCP" package; this should also preserve the integrity and intentional grading of the media. Where a DCP is not available, ProRes 4:2:2 will suffice. The CSC will want to hold this media until the date when winners will be declared (23 March 2019 for this year).

Entries for TV drama and TV series will be viewed by distributed jurors using remote viewing systems of professional evaluation standards. Because DCP files are restricted to a single location without remote access, we request that each entry in this category be submitted as a ProRes 4:2:2 media file, preferably with a QuickTime "mov" wrapper and H.264 for video streaming.
For these distributed juries, it is important to keep file sizes reasonable for TV:
- The file resolution shall be no more than 1080p ( 1920 x 1080 px ).
- The file's video encoding bit rate shall be no more than 12000 kbps.
- The file frame rate shall be the same as the finished original project.
- The file's audio encoding is preferred as AAC stereo at 192 kbps.
- The file must carry the original sound track only.