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Who doesn’t like attending a workshop? I know I do, and that’s why we teach them. The CSC has been promoting workshops for many years as part of its education mandate. There are several workshops to choose from covering many topics. The three main workshops are referred to as “Core Workshops” and we have refined these over the years to offer instruction regarding general camera and lighting, and lighting for faces and tabletop. Other workshops offer a diverse range of topics on pursuing the creative process. All of these workshops offer the experience of obtaining the theoretical, as well as the hands-on approach, which is an important part of the process. One important aspect of the CSC workshops has always been personal attendance. The current situation with COVID-19 has unfortunately forced us to address this, and we are now required to adhere to specific guidelines. Because of COVID, we are reviewing and exploring a different method to continue with our mandate. What is becoming the norm for the foreseeable future is the mounting of as many workshops as possible online. Many of the workshops require a large space and interaction, and therefore are considered unsuitable for online teaching. However, there is one workshop in particular that we wish to offer online: Guerilla Documentary. We have not previously offered this workshop, but it is now being considered for several reasons, mainly because of its uniqueness and its adaptability to an online platform.

This workshop is a result of many requests for an event that covers the issue of working with a very limited budget and limited resources. Documentary filmmaking is an ideal example where the cinematographer might need to travel but still requires the ability to shoot without the issues that arise with large equipment needs.

An example would be a location shoot where it would not be possible to transport standard equipment and accessories. The necessary equipment might be required to fit into a backpack, golf bag or some other non-standard shipping container. Scaled-down lighting requirements would also be considered because of the lack of crew. Some examples include the possible use of a skateboard for tracking shots, reflectors that fold up, small (LED) light sources and other accessories that can be packed into a carry-on. Imagine a location on a mountainside, where there is no other option than to physically carry all of the equipment, which would be rather limiting to say the least. But the challenges of this scenario can be addressed and overcome by thinking outside the box. The idea is to offer a workshop that analyzes the problems and then suggest various solutions, which will include the actual manufacturing of some specialized equipment, using nothing more than readily available components and one’s imagination. While no specifics are available at this time, it is fair to say that much of the structure of the workshop is in the advanced stages of planning, so stay tuned, this could be a lot of fun and very rewarding.

George A. Willis csc-sasc

CSC President

December 2020 Issue – Canadian Cinematographer Magazine



New Central VP

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Penny Watier as our new Central Vice President.

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Harry Makin csc 1930-2020

Considered one of the finest cinematographers of his generation, renowned for his powerful visual interpretations and technical acumen.

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New West Coast VP

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Philip Lanyon csc as our new West coast Vice President.

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New Board Members

We welcome new Board Members Claudine Sauvé csc & Rion Gonzales Assoc. Member

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2020 Awards Announcement

CSC President George Willis csc-sasc announces the 2020 Winners.

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CSC Live: Luc Montpellier csc + Peter Cosco

CSC Live: Luc Montpellier csc and Production Designer Peter Cosco will discuss musicals and production design. Join us for the final CSC Live of the season Thursday 12:00PM EST July 9 2020.

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Sony COVID19 Relief Fund

Sony donates to the Actor’s Fund of Canada on behalf of the CSC and to the CSC itself. Thank you Sony from our community.

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CSC Live: Maya Bankovic CSC & Matt Lloyd CSC ASC

Maya and Matt discuss the director and cinematographer relationship. Thursday July 2 2020 12:00PM EST.

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June 26, 2020

CSC Live: Bobby Shore csc & Norm Li csc

Bobby Shore csc & Norm Li csc talk about the path to finding meaningful projects

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June 18, 2020

CSC Live: Douglas Koch csc and Lighting Designer/Gaffer Fast Eddy Mikolič

Douglas Koch csc and Lighting Designer/Gaffer Fast Eddy Mikolič will demonstrate how to remotely light and shoot with Arri Remote Workflow Expert François Gauthier and Grande Chief Technology Officer Nicolas Fournier.

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