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CSC Education

The CSC is committed to providing professional development for its members, organizing learning opportunities at various levels from novice to masters. In addition to partnering with CSC sponsor companies to present discussion events regarding current technology and applications, the CSC has developed its own highly regarded series of specialist training, including:
          - technology and process modules related to cameras, lenses, lighting, ...
          - extensive high-level courses for Camera Assistants
          - imaging and lighting workshops for various people in film/video production,
          - advanced workshops led by master cinematographers for skill progression
          - introduction for actors and others for on-set interplay with cinematography team .

Education Clips
Camera Modules

Workshop promo, via Vimeo
Acting with Cameras

Workshop promo, via Vimeo

Current Education Offerings

Sat 20 Sep 2014 (Sony F55 - Toronto)
(Flyer)           (Application)

Sun 21 Sep 2014 (Sony F55 - Toronto)
(Flyer)           (Application)

Module (Acting with Cameras)

Sat 1 Nov 2014 (Toronto)
(Flyer)           (Application)

Module (Lens Testing)

Thur  26 Feb 2015 (Toronto)
Thur  15 Oct 2015 (Toronto)
(Flyer)           (Application)

Workshop (Camera Assistant)

Sat+Sun 21+22 Feb 2015 (Toronto)
Sat+Sun 17+18 Oct 2015 (Toronto)
(Flyer)           (Application)

Sat+Sun 29+30 Nov 2014 (Toronto)
Sat+Sun 25+26 Apr 2015 (Toronto)
(Flyer)           (Application)

Sat 28 Feb +Sun 1 Mar 2015 (Toronto)
(Flyer)           (Application)